My #1 Wedding Planning Tip

It’s almost wedding time for me and I wanted to share a HUGE tip that has helped me with my wedding planing.

After we decided on our wedding date.  Even though I had over a year to plan I was ready to start the wedding planning process.

So my HUGE planning tip for everyone that’s engaged is to:

Start early & research, research, research!

When I started planning I did not know what the average price was for all the different vendors. I didn’t know what I needed to budget for or what was considered affordable. I also didn’t know what all the vendors included in their “packages” or what I needed from everyone. That’s where the research was needed and came in handy.

Starting early and doing my research gave me a chance to create a reasonable budget for the different vendors. Once I figured out what I needed to budget for the vendors I started researching the different vendors to compare their packages within my budget. This might be an obvious tip but it’s such an important one. The easy thing would be to sign a contract with the first or second vendor that you find. But don’t jump the gun. Read their reviews, look at their work online and on social media if available, and even reach out to them to get your questions answered. Many vendors are flexible with their packages so if you don’t need something they might be willing to work with you to customize and make a deal.

Doing the research in the beginning stages of your planning will help you be prepared. One example is that you will not be as surprised when you see how much a vendor charges for their services. And while you’re in the beginning stages of your wedding planning you will be more excited for the planning, have more energy and will to do the research. Once you find a few favorites, save their information and organize all of your wedding information.

Trust me on this one. You will not regret doing the research ahead of time.

Also: Join a couple local bridal Facebook groups. That will help you see different vendors, their experience levels, what some of them charge, what their packages include, and what other brides are looking for. You can also find decorations that you might need or it might give you an idea of what you want to do for your wedding.

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