No Power. No Problem.

How many days have you gone without power?

Let’s rewind a couple weeks.

Michigan was hit with a crazy ice storm a few weeks ago. We lost power. Everyone can make it without power for a day but it becomes a challenge when it drags on. Our house uses a well as our water supply and without power we can’t use our water. But not only is the darkness and no water use a problem, the temps are dropping and more snow was coming. What’s the worse that could happen? …our fear was that our house pipes were going to burst due to the cold.

Scrambling to buy a generator we were out of luck as everyone was sold out. Thankfully my in-laws received their power back and we were able to borrow their generator. My husband got it hooked up to our electric fireplace and managed to get a few heaters going as well. Along with a bunch of candles, flash lights and a few trips to the gas station for fuel… we managed to survive 3 days without power.

Who else can say that in the first few months of their marriage they survived 3 days of no power?!

Now we have a list of things to accomplish before next winter so that we are prepared.

Let’s just say I am looking forward to sunshine and spring!

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