Honeymoon on Paradise Island

Let me tell you about a tropical getaway with beautiful beaches, amazing food and the perfect ocean breeze — also known as our honeymoon in the Bahamas on Paradise Island.

Our honeymoon was one of the very first things that we decided to book (after we locked our wedding date and venue in) because both my husband and I were ready for a vacation. Getting married in December made our tropical honeymoon even better. Escaping to warmer weather with sunshine and an ocean breeze was just what we both needed.

Our resort suite had the perfect view overlooking the resort beach, public beach and of course the breathtaking ocean view. The water in the Bahamas is truly just like it is in the movies. That teal/aqua color water is something that my husband was seeking.

While most of our honeymoon consisted of relaxing we decided to do one excursion and go snorkeling (neither of us have ever been before). The whole experience was very memorable and we enjoyed every moment. Our boat captain even took our group to a private island to explore it for a little.

We also decided to do a romantic couples massage while on our honeymoon. Which was well deserved after a year and a half of wedding planning!

Oh and I almost forgot to mention the infinity pool overlooking the ocean. I could post all of my vacation photos but I won’t do that – lol. We met some wonderful people at the resort and had a great time with them. The sunshine, service, breeze and atmosphere combined made for the perfect honeymoon getaway!

Our flight home, we usually start planning our next vacation and I am ready to start doing some research!

Happy vacation planning everyone!

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.”

Who’s a fan of cheesy Christmas movies? This girl!

I recently watched the Netflix movie The Princess Switch and I absolutely loved it! There was a specific quote that really stood out to me in the movie and it was:

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.”

Why haven’t I heard this quote before? Maybe I have but it didn’t hit me the way this movie has. Or maybe its because I have been doing a lot of planning lately and it seems as if life is just flying by.

I have always been a planner, about everything. I never thought of planning being a bad thing. The quote got me thinking about this year and with all the wedding planning that I did. It almost makes me feel like I missed out on some life events or moments. BUT instead of looking down about past event I want to focus on the future. Next year, I hope to go with the flow a little more and not let a lack of planning stress me out.

I will forever be a planner and try to control events as much as I can But I also don’t want to miss life while I’m busy making those plans!

Cheers to a New Year with plans to live life!